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pismenniy perevod


Our interpretation and simultaneous translation services are tailored for customer needs and depend on the number of people attending a meeting, conference, seminars, their subject and length, use of specialized technical equipment and remoteness of the venue.

perevodchik ustniy


Proofreading or editing of translated documents by local editors or native speakers is carried out when accuracy is paramount or customer wishes to get human sensitivity to hot button idioms used in the local community. Also used after making-up or for promotion materials. Such services can be requested additionally to translation.

redaktirovanie i korrektura


Notarization of translated documents is carried out by a Licensed Notary who certifies the signature of a translator by checking and verifying ID, diploma, labor contract of the translator. After such verification the documents is notarized where original or notarized copy is bound securely to the translation, all pages are numbered and sealed by the Notary.

 notarialnoe zaverenie